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Should I lol or should I cry?


could cat catch fish in the bath

A cat do its best to catch a fish in the bath,I think it did not do it before:

Adopt a kitten today!

All a kitten wants is a home, some food and a person to hold her while she purrs slowly. Cats are fascinating, they are silly, cute, very clean and very independent.

A cat is a very curious animal that will make you smile every day.

Adopt a cat today! Don’t buy cats unless you want to exhibit them in feline shows. If you’re just looking for a pet companion, a cat is the right animal for you. And if you don’t have time to train her, just adopt an adult cat. A grown up feline is already trained to listen to people, to use the litter box and eats solid dry food.

a tearful video from


Bunny caught head-handed!

It seems that Roger, here, was trying to get more snacks than his owners would allow. And because Roger could not resist the temptation, he just tried to get some treats by himself, since nobody was willing to help him.

And because he was so greedy, he stuck his head in the jar. Oh, poor Roggie! At least he got what he was looking for: treats!

bunny stuck with head in jar

Baby animals :)

It’s Monday, the first day of the week. For good luck, I propose that you’ll all send these baby animals pictures to your friends. It will surely bring a big smile on their faces.

Have a wonderful week, folks!

image credits: hyperartpro, byspice

Is it a bat? Or is it a Chihuahua?

Actually, it’a a BatChihuahua, the new breed in town!
chihuahua with big ears

Giuly, the Exotic Garfield!

Everybody who loves cats loves Garfield, right? Well, if Garfield is just a cartoon, meet Giuly, the purrfect tabby cat. She hasn’t done anything extraordinary to become an internet sensation, she is just… Giuly!

This Exotic Shorthair tabby cat is just a fluffy, over weigh cat who loves to sit around and wait. She doesn’t fight anyone over food, she doesn’t eat with chopsticks, she doesn’t do dramatic acts.

Giuly, 5 years-old loves to pose for the camera, being a some sort of a model among other cats. The pictures below were taken by owner Chiara Bagnoli, who lives in Florence, Italy. More photos on Chiara’s flickr account

giuly the fat cat

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A Labrador swims with a dolphin

The labrador and the dolphin can be seen swimming together in Tory Island Harbour, Ireland.

How to train your kitten to eat with chopsticks?

Well, it’s quite easy: just take the kitten, place yourself in front of her and use chopsticks to feed her treats while she’s standing on her hind legs. Easy, right?
Check out the kitten below. Such a sweet baby!
Go to to see updates about this cat

Elephant love!

This has got to be one of the sweetest things I’ve ever saw in the animal world! Elephant love!
elephant love

The English Bulldog is in danger!

I love dogs. Especially English Bulldogs. But, as far as I’ve read, these dogs are in danger! Due to excessive breeding, the English Bulldog is now a dog who cannot reproduce itself without a doctor’s help.

Last year the BBC refused to broadcast Crufts Kennel Club Dog Show, the biggest show in Europe due to the fact that the Kennel Club from England refused to admit that dog breeds are in danger! Only after the dog show, the English Kennel Club announced some changes in some dog breeds standards.

Watch the video below to find out more about the cruel life of pedigree dogs!

Documentary – BBC – Pedigree Dogs Exposed

bordercollie19MySpace Video