As a young girl I was spending my summer holiday at my grandparents. One summer the mama pig gave birth to 10 or 12 piglets. They were so many and I was so amazed by them, it was the first time I saw a piglet. Those cute creatures were noisy and speedy and my grandma taught me to calm them : rubbing their belly. The piglets felt asleep in a few seconds.

Yesterday I showed my grandma pictures of Tetley, world’s smallest piglet. She couldn’t believe that a pig can be that small. Well I must admit in the beginning I couldn’t believe it myself. Anyway, here are a few photos of some of the world’s smallest piglets. As far as I read about tea cup piglets, these four leg creatures are bred to be sold as pets. I wonder if George Clooney is going to buy one, since his famous pig friend died I guess he wants a new loyal friend.

If you want to buy one (they cost about $300 or 150 pounds), just click here.

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